Blissed In Bracelet

These awesome mantra bracelets are created by Rebekah Borucki, but everyone calls her Bex.

On one side of the bracelet, you have blissed in and on the other side, you have some truly inspiring mantras.

There are 4 types of bracelets depending on the color and the mantra. Each mantra was matched to a specific color.

You have:

  1. The FIRE bracelet, red color, mantra “I am.”.
  2. The SUN bracelet, yellow color, mantra “I honor myself.”
  3. The GURU bracelet, green color, mantra “guru”.
  4. The “loved as is” bracelet, purple color, mantra “loved as is”.

Enjoy this inspiring gift that you can give to yourself or to someone you care about.

Where to buy:

blissedinbracelet bracelet_blissedin

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