Word Stones

Positive Words Painted Stones

Wow, I found these super lovely painted stones today on Etsy. They are done by Deb Adams from Massachusetts, United States. How about these stones people? The world has gone mad suddenly or what? What is going on with all these positive words painted on stones? OMSG which means Oh My Super God! I kind of super […]

Focus Stones V, Set of Six

I love positive words stones. You can have them in your home, hold it in your hand and meditate on the word from the rock. I found these focus word stones and I like them a lot, therefore, I am sharing them on Blessima. The positive words from these stones are Inspiration, Optimism, Possibility, Insight, Clarity and Success.  […]

Engraved Inspirational Word Stones - Set up 5 - Grooved Worry Stone

How about these engraved inspirational word stones? I am thinking that the stones are already powerful because the words have been engraved on them since some time and they took some energy from the positive words. The positive words engraved on these stones are Hope, Trust, Joy, Desire, Laugh, Happiness and Relax. There are 7 […]