Choose Happiness Wall Art

Choose what? What should I choose? … well no more wondering about this day by day. No Sir! At least not in the house… or in the office… or wherever you hang this affirmation.

“I’d far rather be happy than right any day.” – Douglas Adams

This wall art is done by David Anderson from California, United States.

How many types of happiness exist?

Let’s see.

There is this one  (Extreme Happiness) and this  (Serene Happiness) and how about this  (Evil or Good Happiness… I don’t know for sure) or this one  (Angelic Happiness) or  (Cool Happiness) or this one  (In Love Happiness) or  (Tricksy Happiness) or  (Blushing Happiness) or  (well… this… well… I guess we can call it Sweet Blushing Happiness) or  (Eye Blinking Tongue Out Happiness).


Why? Because it feels better. 

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choose happiness detail wall art

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