Neon Sign Awesome

Well, well, well there is a guy in New York, Marcus Poston, which is definitely my type. I mean any guy that makes a positive word neon sign is for sure my type.

Here I was, today, looking for some interesting products to post on when this guy shows up and draws my full attention with this neon sign that says Awesome.

Well, this is definitely awesome and Marcus you are for sure awesome. You live in New York, I don’t know much about you, I live in Bucharest, you don’t know anything about me. This is the life, I suppose.

I love your neon sign Awesome Marcus. Keep up the good (pease read super mega extra awesome)… work. Hmmm work… a song comes to my mind… which is it… it feels so good… yes, I remember… is Work from Home that Fifth Harmony sings.

Where to Buy:

Awesome Neon SignAwesome Neon Word Sign 2

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