Positive Thinking Notebook

Today I browsed through the Epik Shop and I found this lovely notebook with positive words. You can use it to keep a list of your accomplishments or a list with your strengths and the things you appreciate about yourself… or you can use it as a gratitude list to note down the things you are grateful for.

A lot of positive words on the cover of this notebook! I can see Loving on it… and there is also Beautiful… and Compassion… and Joy… and I thought I saw Courage, but I don’t see it anymore now… oh there is Courageous. Hmmm found also Happiness… and Create… and Motivated… and Power… and Greatness. It’s fun to discover all these positive words on the cover of your notebook. Hmmm, a truly inspiring notebook. There is also Dream there… and Empowerment, can you see it?… and Mindful… ok, that’s it, I will leave you to find the rest of the words. 

Where to Buy:   epik-shop.com

Positive Thinking Notebook


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