Positive Word Magnets

Here I was, browsing through the Etsy universe when these word magnets draw my attention.

These word magnets are done by Claudine Intner who lives in Maryland, United States.

I love your works, Claudine. I love positive words in general but the words you choose are super awesome: Bliss (super blissful), Wish (too much), Peace (always searching for it), Joy (well… amazing… because we all came here on Earth to have a lot of Love, Fun and… yes… Joy), Luck (don’t we all want more and more and more of this) and Hope (lovely).

You go, girl Claudia, and make more of these word magnets because we have many fridges that would like to be more positive!

Have a day full of bliss, wish, peace, joy, luck and hope everyone.  

Where to Buy:   etsy.com

positive word magnets


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