Positive Words Painted Stones

Wow, I found these super lovely painted stones today on Etsy. They are done by Deb Adams from Massachusetts, United States. How about these stones people? The world has gone mad suddenly or what? What is going on with all these positive words painted on stones?

OMSG which means Oh My Super God! I kind of super LOVE them… with an accent of yelling when I say, LOVE.

Deb? Deb? Deb, can you hear me? You are amazing! Do you actually stay in reality and paint all these positive words on stones? These are not done by a machine? Although even done by a machine would be fantastic. This is beyond fabulous!

Deb you are painting my dream. I had a dream some years ago that people will paint positive words on everything. And now I feel like everyone is doing this, especially on stones.

I will confess to you some thoughts that I have in my mind because I remember that in 2012 there were not so many artists willing to paint positive words. Maybe affirmations there were some painting them, but not painting “only” a “single” positive word. And I started doing online at Positive Words Research the list of positive words which became the most popular list in the world (when you put positive words in Google it comes first). I received many appreciations for this list and many artists used the list for inspiration in their artworks. And here I am in August 2016, since 2012, finding your artworks Deb. Deb? Deb? Deb, can you hear me? I can not retain myself from thinking that I influenced this.

That my research on positive words at Positive Words Research has influenced all these artists that are now making so many positive artworks with positive words. Deb? I love you. I love you, Deb…. the biggest emoticon heart I could find… Deb… for you:

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Live Love Laugh Painted Stones

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