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The Win a Gift program is a unique gifting experience where gives a gift of your choice to a person you care about.

How it all goes?

  1. Choose from the product you want to give as a gift;
  2. Insert a comment on directly to the product you choose. You need to have a Facebook account. Insert the comment in the post that presents your product.
  3. Tick the “Also post on Facebook” option before posting your comment;
  4. Ask your friends to like your comment (the likes will decide the winner). will pay for the product and transportation costs. You can not receive the money. The total cost (product plus transportation) is paid directly by

We pay for the transportation cost in any country of the world, no matter from where the product will be ordered.

The total cost is limited to $100. If the amount is less, you cannot receive the difference. Some minor plus adjustments might be accepted if the total cost is higher.

You can comment to as many products as you want. At the end, you will win more products, only if, the total cost of all products does not exceed $100.

After you receive the gift, it is mandatory to send us pictures with you and the person you gifted, the gift (unwrapped) and the greeting card from that accompanies the gift.

The likes on Facebook of your comment will decide you as the winner. You need to show us where your comment is and send us a print screen of your Fb likes.

Contact us to receive more details.

The first program starts on 1 October 2016. You can start promoting your comment from now and gather as many likes as you can to increase your winning chances.

To whom & why would you give this as a gift? Answer below and win this item. Check Win a Gift rules.