“It all started with the word GRATITUDE, a geek mood and a desire to share the secret I’ve found.” – Elena Daniela Călin

In 2012 POSITIVE WORDS RESEARCH & BLESSIMA founder Elena Călin considered that the word gratitude needs her serious attention and started reading all that she could about it. In 2013 Elena starts to build the website positivewordsresearch.com and compiles a list with more than 1,200 words which goes viral and becomes the best list of positive words in the world. She makes the list in 15 more languages. In 6 years this website reaches more than 20 million views.

In 2017 Elena was doing her usual research on positive words when her friend called and asked her for “something with positive words to add in the kits that every runner receives for the marathon that I am organizing”.

Elena thought about it and designed 200 cards, each having a positive word. The idea was that every runner to randomly pick a positive word when he will come to take his running kit.

After the marathon, her friend called and told her that the cards gave sensational energy to the entire event and many people wanted to draw a card (runners, volunteers, organizers).

Then she said something that caught Elena’s interest: “The card VICTORY was drawn by the runner that won the competition. Andrei Swell run for 48 hours and won, thinking about that word. Now, everyone is talking about that card.”

This was the moment when BLESSIMA was born.

The Hour of Positive Words

Elena likes to teach children The Hour of Positive Words in state schools as part of her voluntary contribution to kids education.

See below two pictures from two of her classes, first where kids learned seven positive words in Romanian and English and second where kids learn positive words using lists of positive words from where they took a positive word for every letter of their name.

During other classes of The Hour of Positive Words, Elena gives children the cards with positive words that she designs and asks them to draw a moment in their life when they felt that word. Guided by the cards with positive words kids have made some spectacular drawings. See below two of them, first for the word GIVING (DĂRUIRE in Romanian) and second for the word AUTHENTICITY (AUTENTICITATE in Romanian).

Positive Words for Everyone

Since inventing the cards with positive words, wherever she goes Elena gives people positive words. Usually, she tells them to pick the card randomly, but she lets them change it, pick whichever word they want or pick how many words they want. See below three pictures with three groups of people from different moments and their selected card.

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