About Blessima

Blessima is an urban positive word which is not included yet in the official dictionary. The word “blessima” means “I am going to bless”. Therefore, Blessima is about blessings. This is why on this website you will find daily blessings.

How does it work?

This website has 365 blessings for each day of the year.

Your year starts on the day you decide to take on this challenge.

Do not worry if you decide to give this project a try and miss a day. There are more blessings than you need for a miraculous result. Normally you might feel an increase in your level of joy after one month. After three months transformation will be visible even to people around you. After one year your life will be completely transformed.

What do you need to do?

Every day, find your blessing on the website. Write it on a piece of paper. This is your positive affirmation and your mantra for today. Repeat the mantra in your head many times during the day. Verbally loudly speak the blessing mantra.

Reflect upon the mantra. Each mantra has a positive word or more positive words in it. If you do not clearly understand the meaning of a positive word or need more information about it research the resources we put at your disposal near every blessing. Or you can do your own research in your own hard paper dictionary or using the many dictionaries online.

During the day say in your head the many variations of the mantra that we wrote for you for each day. Try to see in the things around you and in your own soul the reflection of these mantras. Try to make it real. Search for proofs of that blessing all around you and in your own soul.

Many blessings to you. Hope this project with guide you to a higher vibration, above love and to a life filled with joy.

All Blessings

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