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Design a SET of 30 CARDS with POSITIVE WORDS for us!


It is a chance to showcase your work. Your design will be printed and sold on BLESSIMA as one of our sets of positive words. You will be named as the designer of the set and your contact details will be specified. It is a nice and easy creative project.


We need to like your design before acceptance and production. You will give up 100% on your copyright of the design for us. You need to tell us a story of one paragraph of the design. Give a name to your design. The name of your design will be something like “HER by Julia Stanford” or “POWER by Julia Stanford” or “HEALING by Julia Stanford”.

You choose the 30 positive words you want. The design must be sent to us in pdf high print quality or vectorial so that we can print it clearly. We can also help you design your set for simple designs that consist of a single picture on which we add text. For this, we need to receive from you the picture and the words.

The size of the cards are 85 x 50 mm with a bleed of 3 mm, meaning the final size of the cards needs to be 91 x 56 mm.

How to design?

Take a look at the sets we are selling on BLESSIMA to have an idea about what we need. We are looking for consistency of the design. Meaning, if a person takes one card from the set it should be clear that it is from that set. For example, you can fulfill consistency if you use only one picture for all the 30 cards and use the same color for all 30 words. All the words used in the set needs to be positive words, one word on every card or short positive phrases (max 3-4 words long). Please take into consideration that the cards are a little smaller than a business card, therefore the text has to be big enough for reading purposes.

INSPIRATION: 10 ideas for designing the set with 30 cards

  1. Image with a mandala + 30 positive words;
  2. 30 positive words black/white with only the contour so that people can color the word and relieve stress;
  3. Photo + 30 positive words;
  4. One color (red, yellow, blue) + 30 positive words;
  5. Tell a story with your set; if you are a good designer you can make different drawings for every card (or 5 pictures for 30 cards), that tells a story;
  6. Make a one drawing (if you are a designer) then add 30 positive words;
  7. Design a jar, then write on each jar a positive word;
  8. Design a potion bottle, then write on each potion bottle a positive word.
  9. Design a little house, then write on each house a positive word.
  10. Draw a cloud and add one positive word on each cloud.

You can design the cards in your native language or English. The language is your choice because on BLESSIMA we publish positive words in different languages.

Looking forward to see and print your design.

Click CONTACT and send us your idea and design!

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