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Get inspired from the moment when I spoke at TEDx about my struggles with mental health, The Hour of Positive Words that I teach voluntarily in state schools and the power of positive words.

Moments that I will always remember

When I had the courage to do the first workshop with positive words for children.

What I’ve learned: Bringing your own contribution to kids education is one of the most treasured privileges in life.

When my friend Diana Amza called me and asked me for “something with positive words to add in the kits that every runner receives for the marathon that I am organizing”. For her, I’ve created the first cards with positive words.

What I’ve learned: Helping a friend has the best unimaginable benefits.

When I was teaching The Hour of Positive Words in Ferdinad I School to a class with 30 kids and a girl of 9-years-old made this design for the word POWER (PUTERE in Romanian). I asked her what she did. She said: “I draw myself in bed and a monster in the closet. I used to see monsters but after undergoing psychotherapy I did not see them anymore, because I realized that I had the POWER to not see the monsters anymore.”

What I’ve learned: Kids are so much wiser, powerful, mature and courageous than we consider them to be. We need to pay attention, ask them about the meaning of the things they create and truly listen to them.

When this young guy was so worried because he had to speak in public for a project that he had at school and he randomly picked the word EMPOWERED from a set of cards that I had with me. His entire attitude and energy changed due to a single word.

What I’ve learned: One single word has a huge impact on youths. 

When I gave Nassim Haramein three cards with three positive words: Gratitude, Continual stream of synchronicity and Omniscience. And when he said to me that positive words are so important because are sounds in our mind and in the outside world and he said sounds are super important.

What I’ve learned: OMG Nassim Haremein approves positive words power and importance. 

When I had the courage of giving Vishen Lakhiani two cards with positive words that I was thinking to give him for one year and he was so grateful that he pulled his phone and made a picture with me. My friend was so shocked that she made a picture of Vishen making a picture with me.

What I’ve learned: Smart successful people don’t hesitate to give importance to positive words. 

When the French team won the European Championship of 24 hours running and the team leader Patrick Ruiz made a picture with him and the word CONFIDENCE that I gave him before the Championship and send it to me with the message in French:

“C’est le mot que vous m’avez donné le jour de notre arrivée (24 mai) à l’aéroport de Timisoara, il nous a porté chance. Nous avons passé un très beau séjour. Merci.”

What I’ve learned: A single word can make a huge difference for a winning team when the team leader has it in his mind.

When I was in Tallinn and the Mindvalley University banner reminded me of Hortensio.

What I’ve learned: Sometimes being EXTRA-ordinary, like a little snail, is extraordinary.

When Oana Livia did the first design in 2012 of Hortensio.

What I’ve learned: For an artist, no idea is a strange idea. They can give life to anything that a human can imagine. You just need to have the courage to talk to them about it.

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