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Set of 30 cards with 110 positive adjectives for each letter of the alphabet. Because the alphabet has only 26 letters, 4 cards were additionally added with more positive adjectives to completed the set.

This set helps you learn positive adjectives, focuses the mind on positivity, increases the good vibe and brings joy.

  • Language: English
  • Cards size: 8,4 x 5 cm
  • Package: the cards are packed in their own box (third image)
  • Box size: 9 x 5,5 x 2 cm
  • Material: The cards and box are made of double-layered paper of 300 g, colored; the box is also plasticized matte
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1. For each letter of your name select the card with the letter and put them all together so that you can see them. Read the positive adjectives associated with your name.

2. One alphabet letter a day! Each day, for 30 days, learn the four positive adjectives that are on each card. Look up the definition in the dictionary for each word.

3. Take a card and form sentences starting with I AM and the positive adjectives that are on the card.

4. Extract a positive word and draw/write about a moment in your life when you felt like that or when you saw someone feeling like that. You anchor yourself in positive moments.

5. Extract a positive word and think of a moment when you felt like that. In this way, you practice gratitude.


  1. A from Abundant, Artistic, Appreciative, Authentic
  2. B from Blessed, Blissful, Brave, Beautiful
  3. C  from Calm, Cheerful, Creative, Confident
  4. D from  Divine,  Determined, Dynamic, Dazzled
  5. E  from Empathetic, Exuberant, Enthusiastic, Enlightened
  6. F  from Focused, Forgiving, Free, Fearless
  7. G  from Grateful, Generous, Graceful, Glorious
  8. H  from Happy, Hopeful, Harmonious, Healthy
  9. I from Imaginative, Insightful, Inventive, Inspired
  10. J from Joyful, Joyous Just, Jubilant
  11. K from Kind, Kind-hearted, Knowledgeable, Kalon
  12. L from Lucky, Loving, Loyal, Lovable
  13. M from Magic, Magnificent, Mindful, Motivated
  14. N  from Noble, Nourished, Non-resistant,   Nice
  15. O from Optimistic, Omniscient, Original, Open-hearted
  16. P  from Peaceful, Prosperous, Perseverent, Playful
  17. Q  from Quick Thinker, Quiet
  18. R  from Relaxed,  Respectful, Relieved, Resilient
  19. S   from Serene Smart, Strong, Soulful
  20. T from  Thoughtful, Thankful, Trustworthy, Tranquil
  21. U from Upbeat, Useful, Understanding, Unique
  22. V from Virtuous, Victorious, Vibrant, Valuable
  23. W from Wealthy, Warmhearted,   Wise, Worthy
  24. X from Xenial
  25. Y  from Young-at-heart,
  26. Z from  Zealous, Zany
  27. and Playful, Heartwarming, Willing to Learn, Empowered
  28. and World-Builder,  Sweet,  Selfless, Supercharged
  29. and Willing,  Understood, Limitless, Courageous
  30. and Worthy to Take Up Space, Sufficient, Resourceful, Grateful


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