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Set of 30 cards with 90 positive words for 30 negative emotions. Each card shows three positive emotions that together we consider them to be the antidote for the negative emotion like specified in the instructions.

This set transforms negative emotions into positive emotions, focuses the mind on positivity, brings joy, increases the good vibe and brings more positive feelings into your life.

  • Set name: ANTIDOTS
  • Language: English
  • Cards size: 8,4 x 5 cm
  • Package: the cards are packed in their own box (third image)
  • Box size: 9 x 5,5 x 2 cm
  • Material: The cards and box are made of double-layered paper of 300 g, colored; the box is also plasticized matte
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1. Identify your negative emotion. Search the negative emotion in the list. Match the numbers (list/card) and find the related card.

2. Take the card with you today. Think simple ways of how you can add those positive emotions into your life and do them. Understand better the positive words through your own research (internet/dictionary).

3. Ask yourself, after identifying the negative emotions: What do I lack? then read the positive words to find out what do you lack.

4. Ask yourself, after identifying the related positive words: What is one small thing that I can do to add the positive emotion in my life now?

5. Write on the back of each card small ideas about how you can bring more of that positive emotion into your life.


  1. HATE:  gentle love, goodwill, appreciation
  2. ANXIETY:  self-relief, body movement, centeredness
  3. FEAR:  action, bravery, fearlessness
  4. DEPRESSION:  gratitude, playfulness, pure love and light
  5. ANGER:  humbleness, forgiveness, acceptance of what is
  6. IGNORANCE:  wisdom, awareness, meditation
  7. DEMOTIVATION:  inspiration, divine guidance, positive stimulus
  8. PROCRASTINATION:  self-discipline, alacrity, briskness
  9. SHAME:  embracing vulnerability, audaciousness, self-worth
  10. SADNESS:  contentment, playfulness, happiness
  11. DISAPPOINTMENT:  tolerance, perseverance, resilience
  12. REJECTION:  full self-acceptance, resilience, self-confidence
  13. JEALOUSY:  self-love, freedom, connectedness
  14. PANIC:  self-relief, body movement, loving-kindness
  15. GRIEF:  optimism, acceptance, omniscience
  16. GUILT:  forgiveness, self-worth, self-acceptance
  17. DOUBT:  hope, ease, optimism
  18. DESPAIR:  encouragement, loving-kindness, unconditional self-acceptance
  19. HOPELESSNESS:  faith, gratitude, self-confidence
  20. DISGUST:  gratitude, acceptance, tolerance
  21. ENVY:  self-appreciation, self-worth, self-love
  22. BITTERNESS:  cuteness, smile, self-love
  23. BOREDOM:  fun, friendship, playfulness
  24. LONELINESS:  inner-friendship, self-nurture, a feeling of contribution
  25. TIMIDITY:  audaciousness, boldness, wonder
  26. WORTHLESSNESS:  ikigai, a feeling of contribution, enoughness
  27. DISEASE:  ease, wellbeing, self-awareness
  28. EVILNESS:  wholesomeness, graciousness, humaneness
  29. HELPLESSNESS:  serenity, ease, contentment
  30. NEGATIVE THINKING:  gratitude, mindfulness, meditation


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