Hortensio is a snail that has a shell colored with many colors. He is our company mascot. In 2012 Elena Călin published a story about Hortensio in the book “Hortensio and the Magic Stories”. In this book, she wrote the story until the part when Hortensio colors the entire world. She continued writing about Hortensio imagining more adventures for him because her friends continuously asked her about him. The below drawings are made by Sabina Ibănescu.

The Story of Hortensio (short version)

In this vast universe, there is a planet where everything is gray. Except for Hortensio, a little snail that was born with the shell colored in every color.

Insight: Even in the grayest world, there is color.

Today is an interesting day for Hortensio. With the thought “my boy needs to do something extraordinary in life” his mother kicks him out of the house.

Insight: Sometimes mothers have the strangest thoughts about their kids.

Clara a 12-year-old girl is passing by her grandmother garden. Her grandmother from mother’s side died 6 years ago. Every summer Clara was coming to this garden to practice growing colored flowers in a gray world, a secret that her grandmother thought her.

Insight: It is everyone’s responsibility to keep some secrets alive especially if the person that invented them is gone.

Clara finds Hortensio

Clara: Ooooooo, what is this? A colored little snail.

Clara’s eyes revealed their true color when she looked at Hortensio.

Insight: It is not that we are not colored, we are, but sometimes we don’t see our own colors. There are things that reveal to us our true colors.

Hortensio: Who is this girl with blue eyes?

Clara: You are extraordinary. I will take you with me.

Insight: Sometimes we think we need to do something extraordinary in life and we forget that we are the one that is already extraordinary.

Hortensio colors the entire world

Next day Clara takes Hortensio with her at school. The teacher and her two best friends were amazed by Hortensio. Then, things happened so fast. Mario tickles Hortensio. The snail starts laughing. The colors from his shell start spreading all around. In an instant, Hortensio colors the entire world with his colors.

Insight: The universe works in mysterious ways. Even the smallest of creatures makes a big impact in the world.

Next day, the ISA (International Agency of Secrets) starts searching for “someone with the extraordinary power to color the entire world, because that someone might be dangerous”.

Insight: Even if you manage to color the entire world with your colors, you canot please everyone. Some people will even think you are dangerous because you have so much power.

Clara is meditating

After coloring the world Clara takes Hortensio to her grandmother from her father’s side that lives in Barcelona.

Grandmother: What are you doing Clara?

Clara: I am meditating. I sit, smile and feel grateful.

Grandmother: How?

Clara: Well I need to be still, not talk and think of a list of good things that happen to me this week and brought me joy.

Insight: Practicing gratitude is a joy itself.

Clara hears Hortensio

Hortensio: Does magic exist?

Clara (without hearing Hortensio): My grandfather says that happiness is magic. Our eyes shine when we are happy.

Hortensio: Then, you are magic now Clara.

Clara hears Hortensio.

Clara: You are magic too Hortensio.

Insight: The Magic is speaking to us and she thinks we hear it. And sometimes we actually hear it.

Hortensio saves Clara

Clara is kidnapped. The IAS team that was searching for Hortensio receives the task to rescue her. The team enters to save Clara at the same moment when Hortensio was also saving her. They catch Hortensio but then let him go because nobody could believe that a little snail colored the entire world.

Insight: Life saves you at the same time as magic does. Then life tries to catch the magic. Then life remembers it does not believe in magic and let it go. This is why magic is always free.

Hortensio goes to a big TV show and confesses that he is the one that colored the entire world. Hearing Hortensio, extraordinary creatures from everywhere started showing themselves and talk to people.

Insight: Having the courage to speak and say who you are inspires others to do the same and live more authentic.

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